We Are Electric VFX Split


Since We Are Electric (Indoor) is coming up AND we got 3rd place in the "best aftermovies of 2018" on Festileaks.com, I wanted to do a little special, just like I did with DeWolff.

Every one that ever has done a project with me knows that I like to keep things simple and straight forward. No poehah, no unnecessary crew members, just people that I know what they can do and go for it. We Are Electric Weekender 2018 was no different: just me and Lars on camera, Jurriaan on media management and Tessa running social media. Lars is pretty damn good in catching ambient shots and I'm more of the artist shots guy. Perfect combo for the weekend!

We shot the aftermovie with 3 camera's. I used a Sony FS7 (my go to camera for productions like this) running on S-Log 2, most of the time on 180FPS. Lars shot on his A7SII on Cine4. Why did I choose to let him shoot on that setup? Because it's his rig and knows it through and through. Would it be a heck of a job to colorgrade those to camera's to look alike? Yes, it definitely was!

As a bonus we used the GoPro Fusion 360 camera to add some diversity into the shots. I wanted to work with a 360 cam for a long time now and when the organizer asked me to do something new and fresh with the aftermovie I just had to use it. The up side is that you can shoot and do all the framing in post-production. From wide shots, to "tiny world" shots to ... well basically everything. The down side is that processing these files takes ages. First you got to stitch the footage of the 2 camera's to 1 360 video file and then the editing starts. All in all it takes tons of time, but the result is so awesome if you ask me.

Anyhow, because there were 3 camera's used with 3 totally different color profiles, grading was a nightmare. I wont lie to you, I often cursed while grading, but in the end I think it all turned out great! And to be clear, all clips were graded seperately to get the best result and NOT by applying a LUT to them. I wonder how many people really saw that we used total different cameras. But here it is, the grading and VFX split of the We Are Electric Weekender aftermovie:

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