Going viral... just a little

15-06-2018 Gopro Fusion

I wanted to have this camera for a while, and when I got assigned to a big video production for where I could use it, I ran to the store and bought it: the Gopro Fusion.

And what do you do when you have a new camera? Right, do some tryouts. The thing is: my first tryout was strapping it onto a quadcopter and fly it around in a local park. ShaggyFPV and ThomasFPV helped me out with some super sweet chasing action and the video was basically shot within an hour.

The stitching of all the footage took 1 night to render on my Macbook Pro, and also the editing (read: choosing the camera angles in post) took me about 2 nights. A "normal" edit would be done within an hour, so it's pretty intens.

Allthough I knew this could get some traction in the media because of the different angle, I wouldn't have thought it would be picked up this much attention. The famous Dutch video site Dumpert picked it up with a 134.943 views as I type this, VKMag, another big platform, also picked it up. Now it's going overseas and it got featured in a American show called "Right This Minute". Checkout the item below.

Strange and funny how things can go. You put hours and hours into shooting and editing a roadtrip to Barcelona, but a video that you've shot within an hour goes viral... Oh well, looking forward to the real production where I bought this camera for, it's gonna be epic! You'll just have to wait for the result untill mid-July.

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