Dutch Drone Awards 2018


Okay, I'll promise, this is the last drone related weblog that I'll post this year, but it's definitely worth posting. To give you a TL:DR, I won the Drone Awards 2018 in the category "racing"!

Early November I got the news that my video "Drone chases drone with a 360 camera" was nominated for a the Dutch Drone Award in the category racing. I was honored, because I've been trying to push FPV drones footage into my cinematic videos for a long time. Allthough the nominated video was never intended as a cinematic video, it was (at it's time) totally different than we had seen in the industry so far. The new perspective is what made most people like the video, even if they didn't know about drones or drone racing. 

Drones.nl made sure that the mass media picked up the Drone Awards and that was noticeable! Within a week I got a call by the local news television "Omroep Best" to shoot a short item in their studio, explaining about the award and also drone racing in general (since the mass public is still very much unaware with drone racing).

Shortly after that item was published, the Eindhovens Dagblad also picked up the story and did an interview for the news paper as for an online video. Funny to see that once that article was published, it only took about 10 minutes before Omroep Brabant called me to do an item for web, radio and television:

People could vote for the entire month of November. I had good competition and during the month itself I had no idea how many votes I already gotten. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't know because when I received the prize, I was told that it was a super close call between my video and the video of Vince Irie. But somehow we managed to win. So when the call came in that I've won I was super stoked. I had my eyes on the Torvol bag for a long time and it was one of the prizes you could win. Along side of the bag I received a voucher of which I gave to Ralph and Thomas who helped me make this video.

Drone Awards 2018

A big big thanks to Drones.nl, Droneracers.nl and Droneshop.nl for making this award happen and for the support.  

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