DeWolff - Double Crossing Man live video


Allthough it's been quite on the blog for a while I've been really busy rounding up the festival season. Shot several artists during the Lowlands Festival, one of which is DeWolff. One of the best Dutch acts in my opinion and I was honered to shoot there new video for Double Crossing Man during their gig at Lowlands.

I joined these guys the first time at their album release of Roux-ga-roux at the famous Paradiso (Amsterdam) in februari 2016 and also their album release for Thrust, again in the magical Paradiso. I ran in to them during some other festivals and joined them last Bevrijdagsdag (Independence/Freedom day in the Netherlands) and always found them to be the nicest people EVER.

At first they asked me to shoot a short recap of their Lowlands adventure. Since the Lowlands festival is the biggest festival in the Netherlands I truly get it. The more surprised I was when a couple of weeks later I got the call from their manager if I liked the idea to shoot the new video clip for their single "Double Crossing Man". Ofcourse I couldn't say no and took the challenge. It's hard to go from a short recap to a full video, but with some static camera placement and running around like crazy I managed to gather enough footage to fill the entire length of the song.

As a bonus for the blog, I rendered out an 50/50 split video of the raw footage versus the edited clip, so you can see how much effort can go in grading and FX, and also what it can add to a video.

So here it is, the new Official video from Dewolff - Double Crossing Man

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