Two week road trip through Devon

20-07-2019 • Devon, England

Sometimes you go on a roadtrip and you know you have to capture it in a very special way. Well, to be honest, I was waiting for that road trip for about 10 years, but this year it felt right. It was finally time for the Super 8 road trip...

For me it ment I didn't want to focus on "getting the perfect shot", but just capture the moment. The real moment, so I decided to leave all my normal camera gear at home and focus on the trip we had and capturing that, instead of focussing on my camera instead of the holiday itself. And if I had one wise lesson this trip, it would be that I should do that way more often. Just pack up as minimal as I can and just enjoy and see what comes out afterwards. You can view the result of that down here:

Kudo's to all of those who reacted on reddit thread which exactly portrays the kindness of the people we've met in Devon. We will be back for sure!

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