Visiting New York City

29-05-2019 • New York City, USA

Ow New York City, that one city that has been on my travel list for over 15 years now. So it was time to visit this city that I've known so long through movies, series and vlogs...

I knew that in May I would celebrate my first year of the #oneroadtripeverymonth concept. So in January I got hold on some super cheap flight tickets, this was going to happen. I had an Airbnb in the East Village which turned out the ideal homebase for me, right in the middle between Mid-Town and Down-Town, bordering with China Town and Soho, and last but not least a super easy access to Brooklyn via the Williamsburg Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. Not to mention tons and tons of sweet restaurants and bars. So if you are looking for a spot to stay during your visit to NYC, I would say: go for East Village!

Anyhow, one week in NYC and I wanted to see most of the city and I got to see most of the city. I can type of tons of words, but I think my video recap of this week will say the most. I will write up another blog on my visit to Casey Neistat's 368 and Youtube Space NYC which were rather special.

I now truly get why so many creators or entrepreneurs chase down their dreams and choose to settle in this city. Never ever did I visit a place on earth that was so vibrant and full of energy. You are continuously surrounded by people that want to go all-in, are driven and will stop at no cost. That motivates... allot! I wanted to translate that rush of energy into my video and hopefully I succeed in it. Leave me a thumbs up or a comment on Youtube and tell me what you think. Like I said, there will more blogs on NYC soon!

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