We Are Electric Weekender 2019 VFX Split

28-07-2019 • Velderwoods, The Netherlands

I got a lot of good comments on publishing my first VFX split of We Are Electric Weekender 2018 and Dewolff - Double Crossing Man, so why not publish this years We Are Electric Weekender aftermovie with a VFX Split?

Color grading and sound design are by far my favorite thing to do when producing an aftermovie. I get so much joy out of taking that flat Slog 2 image and turning it into something colorful. Despite what many people ask me: no I don't use LUTS in my grading process. It's all just basic color grading and finishing it off with just a little bit of magic by Filmconvert. But don't get me wrong, just a hint of film emulation to give an overall look to it all.

The sound design is all done within Final Cut Pro X. Sorry to all real audio engineers, but I just love the workflow of FCPX and just hate to ping pong between software. I like audio design to be there in the background, but definitly not to present. All in all in turned out nice, considering I did the full production all by my self except for 2 shots.

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